Why html5 games are good for your business!

Html5 games are a great way for educating & engaging with your customers.

Here’s how they work:

  1. You put an html5 game on your website. New and existing customers get to play this game.
  2. While playing the game they learn more about your company and your products.
  3. When they finish the game (5-10 minutes) your customers will get a high score. They can use this high-score to get special discounts, promotional products, bragging rights, etc.

Why html5 games and not “regular” games? Because html5 games work great on a large variety of platforms and machines. You want your game to be available in as many places as possible.

If you’re interested in a custom html5 game I’m here to help. Shoot me an email and we’ll chat about your needs!

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