How & Why I Develop Games

When I was a kid I loved playing games. Now I love making games. I’m using a wide variety of game engines and technologies. Here’s some of my favourite tools:

Game Engines:

  • Godot
  • Unity 3d
  • Phaser.js
  • SDL

Programming Languages

  • GDScript
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Python

Graphics Software

  • Photoshop, Affinity Photo
  • Cinema4d, Octane, Speed Tree, Plant Factory, Substance Painter/Designer
  • DaVinci Resolve, Foundry Nuke
  • Illustrator, Gaea, JWildfire
  • Reaper, Audacity


  • Linux, bash, vim/sed/awk/grep/git
  • Marketing
  • Game Architecture, UI/UX, Digital Art, Game  Design, Color Theory, Typography

Desktop Games


An upcoming jigsaw puzzle game with unique mechanics and engaging story. Made with Godot + Other tech (Photoshop, Python, etc)


A beautiful and healing meditation game. Made with Godot + many other technologies (Cinema4d, Octane, Nuke, Photoshop, etc)

Html5 Games

Nature Basketball

A beautiful & relaxing basketball game. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop.

Wildwood Run

A relaxing 2d infinite runner. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop.

Project Skyfall

A brave "protect the puppies" game. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop. Integrated with Koji platform.

Zombie Madness

A fast paced humorous "protect the wall" game. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop. Integrated with Koji platform.

Bird Zap

An electrifying unique "bird electrocution" game. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop.

Banking Match 2

A sleek match2 game made for a client in the banking business. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop.

Rainbow Magic

A colorful match2 game made for a client! Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop.

Balloon Phonics

A word game made for a client. Made with Phaser.js + Photoshop.

Neon Racer

A very simple and silly 2d racing game. One of the first games I've made with Unity many years ago (my skills have improved considerably since then 😛)

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