Why DevOps

I love coding. 
I started coding in x86ASM around the age of 20 (I wished for a computer when I was kid but we couldn’t afford it). I wanted to “start with the beginning” 😁. I even considered learning binary opcodes but sanity prevailed.
After a while I switched to C/C++, then to C#, JavaScript, Python and so on. 
I’ve read the classic books on software methodology (Clean Code, Code Complete, The Pragmatic Programmer, Design Patterns, etc.) but I learned the most by working on my own projects. 

Linux is my OS of choice. bash, vim, sed/grep/awk, i3, etc. 

I love DevOps. 

It’s like a symphony where all instruments must be synchronized to produce the perfect sound. CI/CD, Networking, Automation, Infrastructure as Code, Orchestration, Monitoring, Microservices, etc  – all these things work in harmony to create value and improve software development.

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