6 bad worries and the needed attitude toward them.

This is an excerpt from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It summarizes an attitude I think it’s very healthy (towards common worries).

The six basic fears become
translated into a state of worry, through indecision.

yourself, forever of the fear of death, by reaching a decision to
accept death as an inescapable event.

Whip the fear of poverty
by reaching a decision to get along with whatever wealth you
can accumulate WITHOUT WORRY.

Put your foot upon the
neck of the fear of criticism by reaching a decision NOT TO
WORRY about what other people think, do, or say.

the fear of old age by reaching a decision to accept it, not as
handicap, but as a great blessing which carries with it
wisdom, self-control, and understanding not known to youth.

Acquit yourself of the fear of ill health by the decision to
forget symptoms.

Master the fear of loss of love by reaching a
decision to get along without love, if that is necessary.

Kill the habit of worry, in all its forms, by reaching a
general, blanket decision that nothing which life has to offer
is worth the price of worry.

I think so highly of this advice that I’ve put it over my desktop wallpaper. I will follow this advice and attitude as best as I can, for I have the intuition it is the right one.

The reason I’m sharing this is because you might draw some inspiration from it. If you can read Napoleon’s book – do it. Great, great stuff.

Some people say that the chapters on the infinite intelligence and ether vibrations are bullshit. I disagree.

We don’t know everything. Not by far. Some form of universal infinite energy influenced by thought and desire doesn’t seem so far fetched to me.

We know that by observing a certain thing we influence the properties of that thing (from quantum theory).

Another thing that stuck to my mind was the senses analogy. Imagine if you lacked the visual sense. All your life you would not be aware of vision as an aspect of the world – even if it existed.

Since we are a rather mundane biological entity it follows we don’t posses a myriad of senses. AKA – we’re not some super being capable of experiencing the world in a vast way.

A human is to such an ideal being as an ant is to a human. An ant experiences the world through an array of senses much limited when compared to ours.
We too are limited in our sensory experience when compared to this fantastic superior being.

An ant that hears Bach will miss it’s meaning – probably interpret it just as some random wacky sounds.

(Speaking of ants hearing Bach a beautiful SF book is “A roadside picnic”. After an event known as the Visitation there’s a an area full of wonderful and dangerous alien tech/energies. People who visit it risk horrible deaths or awesome rewards if they get they’re hands on something valuable.
The name of the book comes from the following theory: this visitation event might be similar to a roadside picnic made by humans. We might leave behind things such as plastic wrappers, bottles, cigarette buts, a lighter, a fire, etc. An ant visiting the leftovers of this picnic will have the same experience as the people visiting a Visitation Zone).

Who’s to say which divine sensory experience bypasses us completely because we’re unable to experience it? Who knows all the secrets an component parts of universe and life?

Basically we know jacksh*t even with all the scientific progress of our time (if you’ll excuse my french).

Anyway, I diverted heavily from the original subject!

No matter. Following the advice from above I am not worried about what other people think, do or say. Or at least I am trying.

(On a side note fear of criticism has its roots in our social conditioning. It’s part of our genes. It has to do with group acceptance which meant survival in the stone age and before.
A certain compromise must be reached between “I don’t give a f*ck and I walk naked in the streets painted blue and screaming Evrika” and “I base all my life decisions on how they make me appear to others.” Preferably geared towards the former. :D)

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